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Elections and Voting

The Michigan Secretary of State's Office (SOS) is the place to start for Michigan residents for upcoming elections, voter information (includes registration status), candidate information, polling location (where to vote), ballot boxes (in lieu of mailing the ballot back), sample ballots, results, and previous election information.  If you used google to locate any official Michigan voter information, please make sure the URL is from the SOS office, or if you were sent something, check it!   The FBI wants you to be alert for spoofed internet domains and the like

Following closely is the information from The League of Women Voters a longstanding, nonpartisan resource with nearly 30 local offices throughout Michigan.  The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.  Their Vote411 Michigan webpage contains voter information in an easy to find format, derived from and pointing to, the SOS website above.  In the UP, their local offices are: Marquette County, Delta County, the Eastern Upper Peninsula, and the Copper Country.

What about local elections and candidates and positions?  The SOS office is a good place to start as are the nearly 30 local offices of the LWV, both linked up this page.  Also, look through local media and social media.  Ballotpedia has a webpage that lists additional suggestions.

Speaking of Ballotpedia, they have a webpage for Michigan.  Look up who is running for election and where, who and what is on the ballot, poll times, dates.  Past elections are also archived.

What about candidates?  In addition to local and national (and international) media, try looking their name up on Vote Smart.  Read their biography, how they voted, what positions on issues they hold, endorsements and ratings, speeches (these could also simply be news releases from the officeholder), and their funding.  Contact information (social media, official office) is also provided for the candidates.  You have the Internet in front of you: what has the candidate said or done before running for office, or while in office?

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