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Mike @ Reference

Updated: March 13, 2024 for winter 2024 semester of library renovation

Professor Mike Strahan is generally available for assistance weekday afternoons 1pm - 4pm ET, & evenings 8pm - 11 pm ET via live chat, email, & zoom. 

Assistance is available via Live Chat (see box on right side of this library guide & his other library guides), EduCat Messaging, email or phone (906-227-2463).

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For those students who attend classes on-campus or visit campus, Professor Strahan is available in person:

Mondays: 1 - 4 pm @ Reference in Jamrich Hall lobbies (look for green sign)

Tuesdays: 1 - 5pm in office (Library in Gries ground floor)


Wednesdays: 1 - 3pm @ Reference in Whitman Room 179 (Dept. of Education office--see arrow below). Look for green sign.

Whitman 179 & temp library location


Wednesdays: 3 - 4pm Reference in The Science Building Room 1540A (go through Hearing Clinic across from SLH Office Room 1513), & 4 - 5pm (office hour) in Room 1540A. Look for green signs.

location of Mike reference on Wednesdays

Thursdays: usually not available afternoons, but available Thursday evenings online.

Fridays: 2 - 4 pm in office (Library in Gries ground floor)

Please note: Library instruction & committee meetings may affect the above daytime schedule.

Professor Strahan looks forward to helping you with APA style, searching, and questions about Library services.


New 2020 OneSearch (advanced search screen)

Use this link to access the advanced search screen, where users may indicate which fields to search (e.g., title, author, or subject) instead of everything. Also allows the searcher to set some limits (material type such as books or journals, language, and publication years) before running the search.  

Journal articles covering biomedical research and the clinical sciences including nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, allied health, and pre-clinical sciences. Also good coverage of literature in cellular and molecular biology and biochemistry. Formerly known as MEDLINE. Mid 1960's to present.

Access note: Must use this special URL for NMU Logo links to appear in article abstracts

Journals, books, and other resources on subjects including nursing, emergency services, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy, optometry, public health, speech-language pathology & audiology, and surgical technology. 1937 to present.

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Journal articles, books, and other resources across many subjects. Provides a "cited by" feature to indicate other papers containing a source paper as a reference.

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Instructional Videos

Clinical Sciences e-books available through Olson Library (regularly updated)

(some may bee required/recommended readings for courses)


Please click on Logout / Sign Out when finished with eBook Central & Stat!Ref titles.

In order to download entire book/chapters, you must create an account.

Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Microbiology (2013)

Advanced Topics in Forensic DNA Typing: Methodology (2012) eBook Central

Clinical Laboratory Management (2nd ed., 2014) eBook Central

Guide to Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests (3rd ed., 2014) Stat!Ref

Medical Genetics at a Glance (3rd edition, 2013) eBook Central

Microarray detection and characterization of bacterial foodborne pathogens (2012) eBook Central

miRNAs and target genes in breast cancer metastasis (2014) eBook Central

Molecular Genetic Pathology (2013)

Next Generation Sequencing Technologies in Medical Genetics (2013)

Next Generation Sequencing: Translation to Clinical Diagnostics (2013)

Wintrobe's Clinical Hematology (14th edition, 2019) Stat!Ref


STAT!Ref -- CURRENT online medical books; Stedman's & Taber's dictionaries. Includes Clinical Laboratory 

Note: Besides titles listed above, the library also provides access to over 5,000 ebooks 
published by Springer and other scientific publishers. To find these, enter your keywords into the Library Catalog

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How to cite a JoVE entry using APA style 7th edition. Scroll to see "Cite this article" section. Use the eLocator article number which appears in the page number position:

Arias, A., Ureña, L., Thorne, L., Yunus, M. A., & Goodfellow, I. (2012). Reverse genetics mediated recovery of infectious

            murine norovirus. Journal of Visualized Experiments, (64), Article e4145.




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