Loss Prevention

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Access Issues--being asked for passwords or money in order to get an article? Off campus and using a non-NMU Internet Service Provider? You will also need to have the Cisco VPN Client installed if you continue to be prompted for your username and password when you try and access a database.

First off, as hard as this may seem, don't rely on your favorite Internet search engine for all your research. You know what you want: legit information for your research, and although the www has lots of that, a great deal more of it is just junk. You probably know by now that the term "loss prevention" is not limited to the retail industry, but is used in several fields.

For loss prevention information try the OneSearch feature under the "OneSearch, Library Catalog" tab above. Sometimes narrowing your search within one database can eliminate a lot of false hits.

Journal articles, newspapers, and reports covering all aspects of business. Direct company link to Hoover's company information & analysis. 1971 to present.

Academic Search Complete.1980-present. A general database covering nearly all topics. Search with either of these subjects: "Business Losses -- Prevention" and "Retail Trade -- Safety and Security Measures"

Databases specific to business & economics. NMU resources pulled aside that pertain (mostly) to business and economics.

NCJRS Abstracts. 1970-present. Database from the Dept. of Justice, although this interface is through a paid subscription. "Index to law enforcement and criminal justice material including corrections, courts, drugs and crime, law enforcement, juvenile justice, crime statistics, domestic preparedness, and victims of crime." The free version from the Department of Justice is here. Their main subject term is "Loss Controls", but relevant related terms are "Employee Theft", "Organized Retail Crime", "Security Systems", Shoplifting", "Surveillance Equipment".

Homeland Security Digital Library. The term "homeland security" is broad enough to include a great deal of law enforcement information. Use their advanced search screen for a more precise search.


Here is a search for "loss prevention" on the FBI's website.

Here is a similar search from the Department of Justice.

A much broader search (across all government domains--federal, state, local) will be through USA.gov, and will return resources also found from the above two searches. 

The Catalog of Government Publications from the Government Publishing Office acts like a library catalog with links to publications.

For all the above resources, search using other terms for loss prevention, such as fraud, shoplifting, or employee theft.

Business & Industry

Retail Industry Leaders Association
Security Infowatch
Retail Alliance
Tyco Retail Solutions
Jack L. Haynes International
Ernst & Young (EY)
Loss Prevention Foundation
National Retail Federation
Layne Consultants International

Internet Resources--Argumentative vs. Persuasive Writing 

Succinct one page pdf summary of the differences from Middlesex Community College.

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