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The 2021 Library or Archives Research Award has been Awarded

The Library or Archives Research Award has been awarded to Jakob Lippert! 

Jakob received this award for his research on, "Making a New American Identity: The Associated Press and Nazi Germany, 1933-1938." under the instruction of Dr. Nick Dupras for NMU course HS390.

When asked to describe his topic, Jakob explained that, "My research focused on the reporting of the Associated Press on Nazi Germany prior to the American entry into World War II, and how that reporting influenced American public opinion on fascism. I concluded that the AP's reporting showed ordinary Americans an image of fascism against which they were able to contrast their own values. This helped create the image of the United States as a defender of global freedom that we know today, while also allowing fascist imagery and ideology to persist in our society." 

Jakob utilized the resources from the Lydia M. Olson Library or the Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives for his research project. If you are interested in learning more about this award or want to apply next year, please view our website at: Library or Archives Research Award link

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