Reserving Study Rooms Online

Learn how to make an advance study room reservation online.

The Lydia M. Olson Library provides study/conference rooms for patron use. These rooms are available for private study, group study, meetings, tutor sessions, etc., and can be reserved in advance. Rooms fill up quickly, especially near mid-terms and finals. This is a simple guide to reserving rooms online in advance.

There are currently 11 study/conference rooms available in the library of varying size. They are able to accommodate groups of 4-15.  

You can find Olson Library's Room Reservation system from the our website’s main page. Click on the “Services” tab, then select “Study Rooms.”

Screen shot of library website with Services menu visible

You will need to sign in to the Library Services form, which will look like this:

Image of NMU Educational Access Network Single Sign-On form with NMU logo


Once you sign in, the page of available rooms will come up.

Olson Library Room Reservation page with available/reserved rooms; calendar; legend showing room details; NMU logo

The areas shaded in green are already in use or reserved. You can check available rooms by hovering over the light gray boxes—the top yellow box on the left will give you details about the rooms, including occupancy and whether the room has a whiteboard, video screen, or both.

When you click on the room and time you’d like to reserve, a form will pop up with your sign-in information pre-filled. Just fill out the rest of the form, making sure you indicate the duration of your reservation, from 15 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours.

If you’d like to use a room for longer than 2 hours, please contact Olson Library staff. Requests are evaluated case-by-case, based primarily on room availability. If you would like to renew the room, you must bring the key down to the Public Services desk prior to expiration. Your request will be evaluated based on room availability.

If you are a member of a student group or are a tutor, you can request a recurring reservation each semester. You can find an application here

Your reservation is guaranteed for the first 15 minutes of the reserved block. If you are unable to come in for your reserved time, please notify library staff, so the room can be made available to other students. We have a limited number of rooms available, so if no one is using it, we’d like to make sure it’s open for another patron.

Keys to study rooms are held at the Public Services desk on the main floor of Olson Library, and are checked out using your valid NMU ID. Keys may not leave the library, so if you need to step out momentarily, just give your key to library staff to hold until you return. Keys must be returned in a timely manner—patrons will be charged $0.60 per hour (up to a $10 maximum), for keys not returned on time.

When you're done, flat-panel monitors should be turned off, garbage disposed of, recycling placed in the bins, and personal items removed. Please ensure that the door is closed and locked behind you, and return the key to the Public Services desk. If there is any issue with the study room or the equipment inside, please let staff know.

Be considerate of your neighbors, but also understand that the rooms are not soundproof. If you need a quiet place to study, and your study room is not providing a quiet enough environment, library staff will be happy to help you find an appropriate space.

If you have any questions about Olson Library, our study rooms, or any library resource, please let us know in person at our Public Services desk, call 906-227-2250, or email For more information, please view our Library Conference Rooms & Classrooms Policy

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