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Lydia M. Olson Library
Gries Hall
Northern Michigan University
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Marquette,  MI 49855-5376


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Parking During the Harden Hall Renovation Project


Short-term Library Patron Parking, Disability Parking, and Library-Owned Vehicle Space

Location: Lot 64 (former Health Center lot)

Lot 64 accommodates short-term library patrons, individuals needing disability parking, and provides designated spaces for library-owned vehicles.


Staff/Faculty Parking

Locations: Hedgcock Lot 62, Northern Center Lots 8, 1, and 31

Staff and faculty members have designated parking areas in Hedgcock Lot 62 and Northern Center Lots 8, 1, and 31. Notably, the Northern Center remains accessible until 8 pm, offering access to these parking lots.


Commuter Students Parking

Locations: Northern Center Lots 8 or 1

Convenient parking for commuter students is available in Northern Center Lots 8 or 1, ensuring accessible parking options for campus commuters.


Community Parking

NMU offers five - daily temporary permits at no cost each semester, available to students, faculty/staff, and visitors. These permits can be obtained through the NMU Parking Portal.

It is important to adhere to parking regulations. For a comprehensive understanding of designated parking areas and specific guidelines for each lot, consult the official NMU Parking Map.

Understanding these parking options streamlines access to NMU's facilities for all stakeholders.

For further details or to obtain parking permits, visit the NMU Public Safety : Parking  page, which serves as a central hub for parking related inquires.

For the latest updates on parking regulations, permits, and any potential changes, refer to the official NMU Parking website or contact the university's parking authorities directly.

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