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Breaking Down Walls

Progress continues at Northern Michigan University's Harden Hall renovation project, home to the Lydia M. Olson Library. 

With the safety abatement phase successfully completed, the project has now transitioned into the interior demolition stage. The latest development unveils the demolition of the building's interior, notably showcasing the transformation underway in the old Dean's Suite on the northern side of the library.

Lydia M. Olson Library Reopens in Gries Hall Amid Harden Hall Renovation

In an effort to enhance facilities and services, Northern Michigan University's Lydia M. Olson Library is temporarily located in Gries Hall while a renovation is underway in its original home at Harden Hall. The renovation project, scheduled for completion in December 2025, aims to provide an upgraded and modernized library space for students, faculty, and the community.

Relocation Details:

On December 16, 2023, the library closed its doors at Harden Hall, initiating the relocation process to Gries Hall. This move involves significant shifts in work spaces, study areas, and service locations:

Important Dates for the upcoming Harden Hall Renovation

Olson Library will relocate to Gries Hall for the duration of the Harden Hall renovation project, January 2024-December 2025. Other university services currently inside the library, including classrooms and the Students’ Art Gallery, will move elsewhere on campus.

The basement and first floors of Harden, containing the Archives, tutoring offices, Fieras, Broadcast & AV, Technology Support Services, etc. will remain open during the renovation. Facilities will contact the offices remaining in Harden with additional information. Facilities will also provide ongoing updates regarding changes due to construction.

Library services will be disrupted during the upcoming semester break so that we can move to Gries Hall.

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