Controlled Digital Lending Policy

DIVISION:Library and Instructional Support
UNIT:Olson Library
DATE:March 17, 2023
PURPOSE:To articulate the foundational premise of the service
APPLICABILITY:Library and Instructional Support faculty and staff are guided by this policy 

Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) is the library practice of providing temporary digital access to owned print items. As an educational, noncommercial institution, this practice allows digital lending to mimic the checking out of print materials to NMU users. The print items must be legitimately and legally owned by the Lydia M. Olson Library, acquired through purchase or donation. CDL requires a strict owned-to-loaned ratio, meaning that if one print copy is owned, one digital copy can be made available to a single patron at a time. While the digital copy is available for use, the print copy must be unavailable to other users. The digital copy must have a predetermined, limited loan period. CDL also requires appropriate safeguards. Software will be utilized as a tool to control digital rights management, mainly restricting the digital copy from being copied, printed or redistributed, in order to comply with the fair use doctrine, Section 107, of the U.S. Copyright Act. 

CDL furthers the purpose and mission of the Lydia M. Olson Library by elevating access to materials to NMU patrons for teaching, research and scholarship. It strengthens our efforts to promote the American Library Association core value of providing equitable access of library material to all NMU users. CDL allows us to meet user needs by eliminating obstacles of geography, physical disability and time restraints. In addition, CDL has been endorsed by the Association of Research Libraries and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. 

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