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Guidelines For Reserving Library Conference Rooms & Classrooms

DIVISION: Library and Instructional Support
UNIT: Olson Library
DATE: March 31, 2011; DRAFT: revised April 11, 2013; revised November 20 2014
PURPOSE: Identity Scheduling Guidelines for Specific Rooms 
APPLICABILITY: NMU students, faculty, and staff.
GUIDELINES: Depending on the conference room or classroom space, different scheduling guidelines apply. Library policies and guidelines, including but not limited to those regarding noise, cell phone use, food and drinks, apply to these spaces as appropriate. Rooms are available for NMU individuals/organizations only.


  1. HRDN Classrooms
    1. Room 235-A and B are designated as a General Use classroom space. The Library has no scheduling authority for these rooms. To inquire about reserving them, contact Josh Santiago, Assistant Registrar, Registration and Scheduling. 227-1062.
    2. Room 229 belongs to the College of Business and houses their Cybersecurity Lab. The Library has no scheduling authority for this room.
    3. Room 224 is an LIS classroom. It is primarily used for LIS activities with emphasis on instructional activities. Priority is given to credit-bearing LIS classes and library instruction. Use is scheduled by Library staff.
  2. Conference and Group Study Rooms
    1. HRDN 311 is a general use conference room and may be scheduled for recurring meetings. Room use is scheduled by Library staff. Registration & Scheduling may schedule credit-bearing courses, as needed, within the Library's stated open hours in cooperation with the Dean of LIS.
    2. HRDN 212, 226, 302, 303, 304, 317, 318, 319, 320, 321, and 326 are small group study rooms. The room capacity is typically four to fifteen people. In addition to group study, these rooms are suitable for tutoring sessions.

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