Lydia M. Olson Library Privacy Statement

DIVISION: Library and Instructional Support
UNIT: Lydia M. Olson Library
DATE: October 09, 2017
PURPOSE: To protect the confidentiality of certain library records
APPLICABILITY: Library users and library employees

Commitment to Privacy
Olson Library is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of all patron data in compliance with the Constitution, federal case law, Michigan's Library Privacy Act, university policy, and professional standards as outlined by the American Library Association. The Library will not make patron records available to any agency of state, federal, or local government unless required to do so under law. Nor will we share data on individuals with other parties including faculty, staff (including library staff except in the performance of their assigned duties), parents, students, campus security, and law enforcement personnel, except as required by law or University policy or as needed to perform our University duties.

Use of Data
Olson Library collects some data about your library use that we may analyze in order to improve services and to integrate with broader University teaching and learning initiatives. All data collected is cleaned, and when reported to university officials, the research community, or professional colleagues, is described in the aggregate. The following definitions apply:

  • Cleaning data — removing identifying information that will associate users with specific titles. For example, monthly recorded data on Library checkouts will indicate user, John Smith, checked out 3 books, and 4 videos, but no information will be stored on the titles of the resources checked out. Likewise, the Library may record the number of electronic journals a student accesses, but not the names of the journals or article titles.

  • Aggregating data — Data will be reported only in the aggregate. Although stored records will be connected to individuals, reports shared will be for groups of users and will not identify names.

Opting Out
If you object to Olson Library using your data, even if cleaned and aggregated, you can opt out. You cannot opt out of having your data collected, but you can opt out of having your data retained and analyzed. By submitting the following form you acknowledge your use of library resources will still be recorded, but will not be retained or included in any analysis. Opt-out form.

The Library also uses Google Analytics to help understand how the Library website is being used and to improve our interface and services. If you do not wish to be tracked when using the Library website (except for resources provided by third-party vendors as discussed below), please use one of the methods mentioned in this document.

Third Party Vendors
The Library does license services and/or content from third-party vendors who have their own privacy policies and confidentiality practices. When you leave the Library website, your interaction with these systems will be governed by their individual privacy policies.

CONTACT: Library and Instructional Support, Olson Library, (906) 227-2117

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