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Departmental Liaisons

Library and Instructional Support (LIS) faculty are available to help you focus research topics, find and evaluate information, cite sources, and much more!

Responsibilities of a liaison:

  • Collection Development:
    • Select new materials to purchase
    • De-select materials that are no longer used, appropriate, or reflective of the curriculum
    • Serve on the Collection Development Group (CDG) by attending meetings and actively participate in discussions, decision making
    • Determine what gifts are appropriate to add to the collection
  • Communication:
    • Provide communication to and from faculty with the disciplines regarding LIS policies/services/resources, faculty needs, curriculum changes, etc.
    • Contact each new faculty member to establish a professional relationship and learn their concerns, research needs, introduce them to our services
  • Instruction:
    • Provide instruction to courses within the disciplines, following the guidelines of the Instruction Coordinator and Framework of the Library Profession, including being embedded in courses.
    • Provide instruction and assistance to students within the disciplines.
Subject Specialist Areas:
Photo of Lynne Lambdin Lynne
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Engineering Technology
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Technology and Occupational Studies
  • Gender Studies
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