Embedded Library Instruction Services (ELIS)

ELIS is available to all types of courses which incorporate EduCat and utilize library resources & services. Working with instructors, library faculty will customize a list of targeted resources in EduCat. They also are available to answer student questions posted in the Forums/Discussion section or through email/chat. In addition, library faculty are available to work with instructors to enhance existing or develop new library-friendly assignments.

By following the procedure below, you will grant Embedded permission to the NMU Olson Library Liaison assigned to your department. This permission/access allows the Liaison to add/modify library block content, post replies to Forums, and post course-related library announcements. Embedded permission does not provide Instructor access. That is, the Liaison cannot see grades, view submitted assignments, track students, etc.

Once you click on the "Submit" button, EduCat will activate such permission in your specific course. The Liaison may then load and customize the following ELIS components in your EduCat course(s). Input from course instructor towards customization is encouraged & welcome.

ELIS is a direct, organized, personal library presence in EduCat, consisting of:

Olson Library Block links to:

  • Course/assignment-specific Library Resources, Services, & Help
  • Citing/Referencing style guides (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, etc.)
  • Contact information to Embedded Librarian

Specific Library Forum for library/research questions & citation style Q & A

In order to implement ELIS in EduCat, course instructors must perform the following steps:

1. Login to EduCat, select your course, and click the green "Turn editing on" button near the top of your course.

2. Looking at the right side of the screen, scroll down through the blocks.

If you see a block which looks like the image below, please skip to Step 4.
If you do not see the following block, please continue with Step 3.


3. Scroll down to ADD A BLOCK, click on down arrow, scroll to NMU Olson Library and then click to select it (see below):



4. Scroll down to the Library block, click on Actions icon (see below--looks like 3 gears), and then select and click:

Configure NMU Olson Library block



5. This will open a new screen. To add an Embedded Librarian, scroll down & select: Yes


Then click: Save changes



6. The screen will display the ELIS Agreement:

At the bottom, click: YES, I agree


7. This will result in an e-mail sent to yourself as course instructor, and to the Embedded liaison. It will also automatically create a Forum for your students to post library/research/citing questions.


Please do not delete the library block, as such action also removes the embedded librarian from your course.

For ELIS/Library questions, please contact:
Mike Strahan
Olson Library, Northern Michigan University
(906) 227-2463.


For EduCat questions, please contact:
Center for Teaching and Learning

Northern Michigan University
(906) 227-2483




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