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Latest News & Announcements

Take the Library Survey, Win Prizes

The Lydia M. Olson Library is asking students, faculty, staff, and the general public to participate in a library user satisfaction survey to help us serve you better.

Once the survey is completed, individuals will have a chance to be entered in a drawing and win a $100 Amazon gift card or one of several $20 Starbucks cards.

All responses to the survey will be held in confidence. No identifying links between responses and the individual responding will be retained. Combined data only will be reported.

Community History Workshop

The NMU Archives invites you to join this Community History Workshop! If you have a history in the UP or with NMU, the Archives wants your old family photos, genealogical documents, diaries, postcards, correspondence, letters, and more! This event is a 2-part event: first, digitize any old photos and documents you bring, and second, record an oral history interview to gather stories and history about NMU and the Upper Peninsula! (Remember to bring a flash drive if you would like to keep the original document.)

2021 Michigan Notable Book Collection

The Library of Michigan's Michigan is currently highlighting their 2021 Notable Book Collection! The collection consists of various literature types and conversations with the authors, and allows individuals to explore local work featuring Michigan authors.

Visit The Library of Michigan's YouTube channel at: 2021 Michigan Notable Books to view a full collection of their notable book conversations.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The Digital Media Tutoring Center in the Lydia M. Olson Library proudly hosts the Adobe Creative Cloud on their three desktop workstations for classroom projects or personal designs. This includes popular programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro (video editing), InDesign (page design and layout), Audition (audio editing), and more.

The resources at the DMTC are available during library hours. Student workers are available to offer assistance on any content creating or editing as well.

Hiring—Student Web Developer

The Lydia M. Olson Library is looking to hire an enthusiastic and self-motivated student worker to join their team of developers.

As a Student Web Developer, you will be working under the direction of the Web Developer and Systems Programmer, assisting with a variety of projects such as design work for a new system, creating documentation, or writing code.

Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center Display, "Stories from the Woods"

Learn more about the storytelling traditions of the Upper Peninsula by visiting the Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center's display of "Stories from the Woods", currently located on the main floor of the library. It features Anishinaabeg folklore, songs, histories, and stories as well as mining, lumberjack, and maritime heritage and folklore.

"Stories from the Woods" sheds light on the distinctive oral and cultural traditions of the Upper Peninsula and honors the efforts of folklorists to preserve this heritage.

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