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Tell Us Your COVID Story

Along with the Peter White Public Library and the Marquette Regional History Center, NMU is seeking to collect and preserve the experiences of individuals, families, and organizations living and working in Marquette County as they deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are living history right now, and your perspective is important for future generations!

Enroll in AIS 535

Calling all graduate students, faculty, and seniors at NMU!

Are you interested in expanding or honing your knowledge about locating, critically selecting, managing, and properly citing scholarly sources?

How about being in a course that is focused on student centered learning, research needs, and program-specific scholarly writing rules of style compliance from your own department?

You may be interested in AIS 535 with Michael Strahan. If you have any additional questions regarding this course or what it entails, contact

Writing Refuge

Are you having difficulty finding a dedicated time to write? Are distractions consuming your calendar and focus? Is it time to reconnect with overlooked projects?

Free COVID-19 Educational Modules

Northern Michigan University is offering 11 self-paced, online educational modules related to the COVID-19 pandemic free of charge. NMU faculty members from a variety of disciplines developed the short, non-credit courses. Topics range from the scientific aspects of coronaviruses and testing to the impacts on communities, businesses and families.

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