Creating an Account in UpToDate

  1. Access UpToDate using NMU Olson Library link  
  2. The Online Resources Login screen appears:  
    Online Resource Login button  

    Click Regular Login button in the top section.  
  3. When Library Web Services login screen appears, enter your NMU username & password.  
  4. The Register for an account screen appears:  
    Create an account form  

    Please complete all of the fields including creating username and password, and verify password. When finished, click on the Send Verification Code button. You will have 10 minutes to retrieve the code from your email & enter it into the box as prompted.  
  5. After completing registration, login with this username & password to access your account in UpToDate. The system keeps track of your search History, Most viewed content, & Bookmarks.   
  6. If you plan on using UpToDate on your phone/mobile device, click on the Mobile Access link at the bottom of the screen. This is also where you will find Demos & help/training resources:  

    Using UpToDate  

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