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Crafts & Hobbies

Creative activities can help us manage our mood and make us feel happier. Choose a craft you're familiar with or try something completely new--it's up to you! To check out these E-books, login to the NMU VPN and click the titles.

Get Growing!

Did you know gardening is a proven stress reliever? Relax and relish in the outdoors this season by planting a vibrant, beneficial garden. To check out these E-books, log into NMU's VPN and click on the titles.

Wellness & Self-care

Mindfully focusing on wellness in our lives builds resilience and enables us to thrive amidst life’s challenges. To check out these books, connect to the NMU VPN and click the titles.

Children's Book Week

Children’s Book Week is the annual celebration of books for young people. Established in 1919, it is the longest-running national literacy initiative in the country. To check out these Ebooks, sign on to the VPN with your NMU login and password.

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month takes place each April and is organized by the Academy of American Poets as a way to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States. To check out these Ebooks, sign in to the VPN using your NMU ID and password.
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