Cooperating Institutions

Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives

The Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives houses the historical records of Northern Michigan University and historical materials documenting the history of the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This includes the counties of Alger, Delta, Dickinson, Marquette, Menominee, and Schoolcraft. You can contact the Archives at or 906-227-1225.

The Marquette County History Museum

The Marquette County History Museum is the oldest Historical Society in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The Museum features a collection that includes artifacts from the prehistoric copper culture through contemporary times. Each year, visitors come from all over the world to use the Research Library and view the Museum's exhibition galleries. You can contact the Museum at or 906-226-3571.

The Peter White Public Library

Peter White Public Library (PWPL) is located on the corner of Front and Ridge Streets near downtown Marquette, Michigan, founded in 1871. The Library has served Marquette area residents for more than a century and is the largest public library in the fifteen counties of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Service contracts with Chocolay, Ewing, Marquette, Powell, Sands, Skandia, Turin, Wells and West Branch Townships have added to the area that is served by PWPL. Its service population, including the City of Marquette and the nine surrounding contracted townships, has grown to over 36,000 people. The number of library card holders has increased from approximately 6,500 in 1958 to more than 22,700 today. You can contact the Library at or 906-228-9510.

The Beaumier Heritage Center

The Beaumier Upper Peninsula Heritage Center is a historical museum and educational facility on the campus of Northern Michigan University. The mission of the U.P. Heritage Center is to promote and preserve the history and culture of the Upper Peninsula through an active slate of exhibitions and engaging public programs for the whole region. The center also collects and preserves artifacts related to the history of Northern Michigan University. The center maintains a gallery at the Superior Dome and several other displays throughout campus. In September the center will relocate to the main level of Cohodas Hall. You can contact the Center at or 906-227-1219.

The Center for Native American Studies

The mission of the Center for Native American Studies is to enrich the knowledge and understanding of the Aboriginal Indigenous people of North America from a Native American perspective. The Center for Native American Studies is home to a Native American Studies minor. In August of 2003, the Center moved from Magers Hall to the newly renovated Whitman Building. Included in the renovation was the creation of a fire site in the wooded area adjacent to the Whitman parking lot. The fire site is intended for academic and ceremonial purposes. You can contact the Center at or 906-227-1397.

The Michigan Iron Industry Museum

Amid the forested ravines of the Marquette Iron Range, the Michigan Iron Industry Museum overlooks the Carp River and the site of the first iron forge in the Lake Superior region. Here, from 1848 to 1855, the Jackson Iron Company and others manufactured wrought iron from local ore and demonstrated the high quality of Michigan's iron ore deposits. In that pioneer enterprise was the seed of the Michigan iron industry that flourished for 125 years and still produces nearly one-quarter of the iron ore mined in the United States. Today, museum exhibits, audiovisual programs and outdoor interpretive paths depict the large-scale capital and human investment that made Michigan an industrial leader. Attractions include:

  • Hands-on permanent and temporary exhibits

  • Outdoor interpretive paths

  • 18-minute sound/slide program Life on the Michigan Iron Ranges

  • Michigan Historical Museum Store

You can contact the Museum at 906- 475-7857.