Bibliography for the Native Americans

The following items are housed at the J.M. Longyear Research Library.

Brotherton, Ray A. Story of the Battle of Sand Point

Call Number: Manuscript Case

Abstract: A story of a battle between the Ojibwa and the Iroquois as told by Ray Brotherton. Includes a map of the Bay de Noc area.

Burns, Francis R. Chippewa Indians of the Upper Peninsula

Call Number: Manuscript Case

Abstract: Graduate student paper covering the history of the Chippewa in the U.P. with a focus on the local tribes in Marquette County. Talks a bit about Charlie Kawbawgam.

Frimodig, David M. The Chippewa Indian

Call Number: Manuscript Case

Abstract: An "Illustrated Talk" about the Chippewa Indians in the Upper Peninsula. Focuses on Chippewa lifestyles and Chippewa legends.

Hilger, Inez M. Chippewa Child Life and Its Cultural Background

Call Number: 970.6 H54

Abstract: Study of Chippewa children from conception to birth and beyond. Includes an introduction to the Chippewa, goes over pregnancy taboos, life during pregnancy, how birth is carried out, taking care of the baby, lullabies, nursing, and dozens of other topics related to birth and growing up as a Chippewa.

Hoffman, Walter James. The Mide’wiwin, or “Grand Medicine Society” of the Ojibwa 1891

Call Number: 970.3 H67m

Abstract: This book focuses on the Mide'wiwin society of the Ojibwa. Includes chapters on Shamans, The Four Degrees of the Mide'wiwin, and a section of notes. Includes many illustrations.

Hubbard, Bella. Letter to Peter White, Nov. 15 1892

Call Number: Manuscript Case

Abstract: First hand account of Indians in La Pointe, Mackinaw, and Sault St. Marie. Describes their appearances, their clothes, and native dances.

Kawbawgam, Charles, et al. Ojibwa Narratives

Call Number: 973 K18

Abstract: Ojibwa tales as told by Kawbawgam and Jacques LePique with notes by Homer H. Kidder. Stories are mostly around Marquette, some take place near Lake Michigamme and Sault St. Marie.

Kidder, Homer H. History of the Ojibwas

Call Number: Manuscript Case

Abstract: Outsider look on Ojibwa life. Includes comments about how they hunted, what they wore, coming of age, and other aspects of Ojibwa life.

Kidder, Homer H. 2 Local Indian Traditions

Call Number: Manuscript Case

Abstract: Two local Ojibwa stories: one story about the naming of Chippewa lookout and another story about the naming of the Yellow Dog River and Sauks Head Island.

LaFayette, Kenneth. Indian Remains and Relics Found in Marquette County

Call Number: Manuscript Case

Abstract: Gathering and analysis of articles in The Mining Journal regarding discoveries of Indian Artifacts in Marquette County. Lists each discovery and what artifacts were found at each site.

Landes, Ruth. The Ojibwa Woman, 1938

Call Number: 970.6 L234

Abstract: About the Woman's role in Ojibwa society. The Book is broken up into 5 sections: youth, marriage, occupations, abnormalities, and life histories.

Magnaghi, Russell. A Guide to the Indians of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Call Number: 977.4 M27

Abstract: Detailed timeline of Native Americans in the Upper Peninsula. Each year has a paragraph dedicated to important events that happened that year. Also includes copies of the treaties signed with Native American's in the Upper Peninsula.

Magnaghi, Russell. Indians of Marquette County, Michigan (1850-1900)

Call Number: Manuscript Case

Abstract: 45 first hand accounts of Native Americans in Marquette County as told by local residents and visitors of the city.

Rankin, Ernest H. The Indians of Gitchi Gumee

Call Number: 970.3 R16

Abstract: History of Chippewa, subjects include: habitation, food, dress, education, children, religion, legends, and more.