Clover-Land was started to promote the settlement of the cut over lands of the Upper Peninsula by Roger M. Andrews of Menominee, MI following earlier home and farm publications. The first 12 volumes served as a lure book to attract visitors and residents to the Upper Peninsula. Declines in the mining and lumber industries led Menominee Herald Leader editor Roger Andrews to call for the formation of a regional promotion and development organization. Established in 1911 by business representatives across the UP, the Upper Peninsula Development Bureau (UPDB) sought economic and land-use diversification and began promoting the UP as "Cloverland" to attract farmers, settlers, and vacationing urban dwellers. Clover-Land was to help the UPDB in its mission to highlight the UP's tourist and recreational advantages and give the UP a new regional identity. However beginning in 1920 with Volume 13 Clover Land became an agricultural magazine addressed to farmers and their families.

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