Bibliography for the French

The following items are housed at the J.M. Longyear Research Library.

Barbeau, Peter. Translations of letters written in French

Call Number: Manuscript Case

Abstract: Manuscript of a collection of letters sent by Peter Boisdore Barbeau to various people. Originally written in French.

Bystrom, Esther; Peano, Shirley. French Canadian Superstitions; French Churches in Marquette County

Call Number: Harlow’s Wooden Man Vol. 9 #1

Abstract: Two articles regarding the French-Canadian influence in Marquette. The first gives a few superstitions about the moon, Christmas Eve, building with poplar, and fishing. The second article gives a history of Roman Catholic Churches throughout Marquette County.

MacCuaig, William Wilbur. Songs of a Shanty Man

Call Number: 811 M11

Abstract: Songs about French Canadian Life. Includes many tales about lumberjacking and other aspects of French Canadian life.

Maier, Clifford E. Canadians in Marquette County in the Nineteenth Century

Call Number: Manuscript Case

Abstract: History of Canadians in Marquette. The essay focuses on nearly all aspects of French Canadian life in Marquette. Goes in depth about why they immigrated to Marquette and what caused them to stay in the area.

Society of Saint John the Baptist. Society of Saint John the Baptist Meeting Minutes

Call Number: Archives (See General Index p. 7)

Abstract: Society was alive from April 1886 until December 1890. Run by Joseph H. Primeau and when he died the society disbanded. Gave aid to fellow French-Canadians living in Negaunee.

Artisans, Canadiens Francais of Ishpeming. Artisans, Canadiens Francais of Ishpeming Various Files

Call Number: Archives (See General Index p. 15)

Abstract: Records from the Artisans, Canadiens Francais of Ishpeming society from 1915-Jan. 1938.

Marquette County Historical Society. French-Canadians

Call Number: Pamphlet File 305.8

Abstract: Newspaper clippings from The Mining Journal about French-Canadian Immigrants in the U.P. Also includes clippings from various other magazines and publications.